Saturday, April 14, 2018

Strikes in Syria and Catholic Just War Theology

I'm a huge believer of teaching and evangelizing through Facebook.  I know controversy has developed over privacy and Catholic censoring concerns and some are considering moving to MeWe.  But, I take the position that having political warriors poaching our opinions is actually a desired outcome.   I'm thrilled Trump wants to use Cambridge Analytics to shape policy.  If the communists want to send up a trial balloon and they read their own logical fallacies, that is an excellent use of my time and treasure.     Why on earth would I want to move my efforts to a social media website where my efforts echo in a canyon?!

Yes, there is censoring of Catholics.  How is this different from the 2000 years that precede us?  Quo Vadis?!

I've been on Facebook for about ten years.   But over the course of the last year, I've noticed the virulent habit of Catholics posting fake news on my feed.   What's extremely frustrating is, these Catholics used to be reliable sources for Catholic news and theology.

Before I realized folks were falling into rabbit holes, I confess to sharing a story or two before somebody informed me it was fake news.    Because I use Facebook as an evangelization and teaching tool, and because I have a family member in the military, I'm extremely careful at who I've friended and what I personally share with the Big Tent of people who have friended me, some of whom are uncatechized.    A few times of being duped  - I immediately removed the story from my feed and now personally verify anything I share, even if the person is a solid, reliable Catholic.   I was floored to discover solid Catholics defending the posting of fake news and conflating their own opinions as Church teaching.

Yesterday, several solid Catholics on my FB feed were rushing to Assad's defense.   Their position is, his atrocities and mass murders are ok because Christians are not his primary target.   Maybe, but many Christians who flee his tyranny complain of his brutality, torture and murder - he is not our friend.  

All hell broke loose when I asked one Catholic "So then Auschwitz was ok with you?"

When it comes to the Middle East, I trust no one.  Between the Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, HAMAS, al-Qa’ida, the rebels, Obama and Putin, whom I do not trust, I feel like the demons change form so often, it's impossible to keep track.

What we do know is, Obama was on the side of the rebels who were killing Christians.  It is absolutely true that Assad and Putin were defending Christian lives against Obama and his Islamic allies ethnically cleansing Christians.  But, with absolute certainty, I knew and know that Assad is a sociopath and mass murderer.   He is not a good guy.  He is a brutal murdering dictator.   His countrymen have been fleeing the brutality of his dictatorship and seeking political asylum.   He is not our ally.  He is a murdering sociopath.  Sociopaths, charm and pretend they are your friend.  You never suspect they are your enemy until the nanoseconds before they slice your throat.

The way some Catholics are speaking of Assad, you'd think he was Joan of Arc!

There is THIS.

and THAT.

and THIS.

and THAT.

and THIS.

and THAT.

and THIS.

and THAT.

I could keep going, but this is enough diligence for any honest, rational person to come to the conclusion Assad is a tyrannical sociopathic liar and murderer.     An individual like this, if he hasn't done so already, will eventually kill Christians.   Just as the Third Reich did.

Putin is a mystery to me. He is a dictator and runs a tyranny, but, I believe his respect for Christianity and concern for persecuted Christians is sincere.  I pray for his conversion.  Whatever he's doing in the Middle East, he is not an ally of US citizens.  He will kill us in a New York minute.  He is not to be trusted.

Trump has done more to defend the life and liberty of Christians since Ronald Reagan.  He defeated ISIS within a year.   He is on our team, as is General Mattis.

When looking for solid information that has the interests of US citizens at its core, these are our go-to people.

Assad has all but won the civil war against rebels in his country.  The US is winding down our military action in Syria.  Assad wants us out and we want to go.   Although Assad controls the chemical weapons infrastructure and has used weapons of mass destruction on his own people dozens of times, it was within the realm of possibilities that the few cornered rebels were responsible for last weeks attack.   Not very likely, because why would Trump and our military, who have feverishly been working to defeat ISIS in Syria, now lie about evidence to help the handful of Islamic terrorists?

That wouldn't make sense.  But,   I wanted to know the truth, so listened to military briefings and read coverage from a variety of reliable media sources.

I was surprised to see reliable Catholics posting FB links to a story reporting General Mattis 'admitting' there was no evidence Assad was responsible. This completely contradicted what I personal heard General Mattis say in press briefings. I clicked on the link and discovered it was a story from several months ago.

If you are too lazy to click on a link and read the story about who is bombing whom before you post it to your feed for my unchatechized people to read, regretfully, we're not using FaceBook for the same purpose, and the time has come to cut you loose.  

All of a sudden, it seems like people are jumping off of the sanity ledge.    I probably cut 50 people loose over the last week. Some of them had been on my Facebook feed for years.  

Ain't nobody got time for that.

If you're looking to be on the side of is the guy helping to defeat islamic terrorists killing Christians,  Trump and his military are your freedom fighters.

There was also a flurry of FB activity concerning Catholic Just War theology as it relates to allied strikes in Syria.   

This is very important.

With respect to the strikes in Syria and Catholic teaching:

All conditions to justify the legitimate exercise of force have been met.

1. Assad's mass murders, atrocities and war crimes have been lasting, grave and certain.

2. Many years and many leaders from numerous countries have attempted and exhausted diplomacy, giving ample warning to Assad of consequences should he continue endless atrocities, human rights violations and mass murders. These efforts were ineffective.

3. Allied forces strike was tactical and precise hits to chemical weapons infrastructure.  No deaths, and only 3 injuries are reported.

4. The use of arms did not produce evils and disorders graver than Assad atrocities.

Finally - The responsibility for determining whether these conditions are met belongs to "the prudential judgment of those who have responsibility for the common good." Military leaders who are privy to intel. In this case, there are photographs of Assad's planes dropping the explosives, chemicals and gas.

This is incontrovertible. There is no authority or case to be made by honest, educated Catholics to convict allied forces of actions that violate Church teaching.  

Yet - here are some of the responses from what I formerly considered educated, sound in mind and spirit Catholics:

Living in Boston usually means abortion supporter, ultra liberal socialist and feminist...I have relatives in Boston whom falsely claim to be roman Catholic. I know the dance of deception. Please list what you have done to oppose the evil genocide of abortion? Do you vote for candidates who promote abortion?...

What does the Church require, Carol? I’m a dumb priest. Please educate me. Tell me, how was number 2 (in the modernist Novus Ordo Catechism, no less), fulfilled in this case?

Are we really incapable of leaving the lunatic-fringe schismatic chit chat aside? I'm a Catholic daily Mass goer who tries every hour to be in a state of Grace. I'm pretty educated in the faith. That should be enough to hold an adult conversation about theology without the absurd inference there are two religions within Catholicism and I belong to an invalid sect.

Here are more chestnuts:

You are just a liar. Sins of slander and detraction to promote grave evil are themselves gravely evil. What have you done to vote in pro life candidates in Boston to substantiate you are not a deceptive hypocrite? ?

If you support unjust murder and the mortal sins of detraction slander and calumny to justify same you are not in a state of grace. You avoid stating for the record what steps you have taken in Boston to be pro life and vote in pro life politicians. I know for a fact no pro life politician can be elected dog catcher in Boston. I support innocent Christians in Syria and want them to be protected from ISIS. You hate Catholic justice which thinks well of others until the contrary is proven. Enjoy your invalid blasphemous fake mass in your invalid Modernist sect.

I do not associate myself with sinful detractors and immoral heretics. I refuse to submit to false altars who defame the blood of the Lord and mock the saints. Enjoy the unjust attack on Syria Madame.

Hey, Thanks for giving Pope Francis the ammunition to conclude all trads are nuts.   Ok.  Bye.

Many who have wondered what they would do if they were alive during the holocaust of the Third Reich now have their answers: They would do nothing and claim their cowardice and sins of omission are on behalf of Christ.

Friday, April 13, 2018

There is no equality going on here.

Well, after spending days deliberately finding things to do other than read the latest apostolic exhortation, I have a confession: reading theological drivel to me feels like wading into a cesspool.

I just can't do it.

I've read several synopses, including this one, this one and this chestnut.

These were my favorites: Fr. Z and Carl Olson

Several themes jump out at me:

1. The Gospel doesn't constrict us from ways of acting that lead us to commit mortal sins.

2. Using the Magisterium to guide your choices is a subtle form of Pelagianism.

3. Believing the purpose of the Incarnation, Death and Sacrifice of God was to leave us the rules to guide our conduct and the properties of Divinity in the Eucharist that enlighten the intellect and endows us with the tools to resist temptation and sin, is Gnosticism.

4. Voting for politicians who violate constitutional, moral and divine laws to enable criminal trespass, admitting terrorists to our country to rob us of jobs, money, benefits and life,is equally as important as voting for politicians who will save lives of children and the salvation of the soul of their mother.

5. Still no mention of hell.

6. When their narcissism, irreverence and unfaithfulness overcome the sacredness, mysticism and prayers of the Liturgy, they are not the problem.

7. Blogs that report the effects of the carelessness of the Holy Father’s spontaneous articulation of theology, his praise of heresy and use of heretics and atheists to interpret Church teaching, are the problem.

I could go on, but I will leave you with this thought:

I agree with the Holy Father here:

"Equally sacred, however, are the lives of the poor, those already born, the destitute, the abandoned and the underprivileged, the vulnerable infirm and elderly exposed to covert euthanasia, the victims of human trafficking, new forms of slavery, and every form of rejection.”

But the real problem is - they do not teach these things 'equally'. They've silenced and robbed three generations of moral theology, the Magnificat and the sanctity of human life in the womb. The Holy Father came the United States, stood in front of the people who enact laws and did not mention the injustice of laws that kill children deprive mothers of salvation.

With the exception of trying to discourage the defense of the unborn, in the five years of confusing claptrapping of this pontificate ad nauseum, I do not recall the Holy Father speaking of the moral theology or the sanctity of human life ONCE. And that's right on target with the last 60 years.

So there is no equality going on here.

Another apostolic exhortation complaining about victims of spiritual harm caused by their own misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance is not getting us where we need to be.

Oh God, shepherd and ruler of all the faithful, look with favor on your servant Pope Francis, whom you have appointed pastor of your Church. Grant that by word and example he may assist those over whom he is placed, so that shepherd and flock may together attain everlasting life. Through our Lord.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I thought the Pope said he didn't read blogs.

Blogs have made it into an apostolic exhortation!

I've only read excerpts from the exhortation, so that's a blog post for tomorrow, but if he was as clear as a bell on the existence of the devil and hell with Scalfari, shouldn't he be the one taken to the shed for defamation and slander in an apostolic exhortation?!

This was a fast response. The swiftboating after Scalfari's accusations that the pope renounces the immortality of souls and existence of hell got the Romans hopping like bunnies on Easter Sunday.

I'm relieved he corrected the confusion. What bothers me, is the Holy Father's refusal to hold himself accountable for five years of confusion. Blaming victims, ad nauseum, is not at all helpful.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Brazilian Jackhole Uses Drone for Monstrance Reserving the Divinity of Christ

I sometimes wonder if priests who pull these kinds of stunts smoke pot. What else but hallucinogenic drugs would make them do something so bizarre?

Brazil is a mess. Here's a story of a Brazilian bishop who plopped himself into Dante's Inferno to tell the chained prisoners it's linked to Christ and salvation.

We had a jackhole or two in Boston who would pull stunts like this back in the glory days of wildliturgical shenanigans. I'm not sure we'll see a resurgence. The internet and blogs drove most of this kind of misconduct right back to hell where it belongs. This priest is getting pummeled. The likelihood anyone else in Christendom is going to try using a drone for the Eucharist is nonexistent.

Criticism and humiliation is a fools best friend.

Monday, April 2, 2018

I think you've made your point now. You've even gone a bit too far to get the message home. Before it gets too frightening, we ought to call a halt, so could we start again please?

Back in the days when my spiritual life was going through the motions and rituals, I was always bummed when Lent and Advent ended. Lent/Advent always brought closeness to Christ, bettered my prayer life, brought more awareness of the suffering of others, opened opportunities for sacrifice and charity, etc. It felt like a long period of spiritual monotony between Easter Sunday and the first day of Lent.

I was well into my 20s before I woke up and realized "Wait a minute...What am I doing? I can do this every day!!"

Life is walking from town to town with Christ through the crowds of hemorrhaging and spiritually afflicted. The lost, grieving, sick, suffering, angry, unemployed, addicted, uncatechized, rebellious. Getting on a train, standing in line at the supermarket, friends, family, neighbors - every interaction is an opportunity to teach or learn. I can stay close to Christ in conversation, prayer and His Sacraments every day of my life.

Every year post Lent, along with trying to improve my own spiritual life for the next year, I reset my apostolic mission by looking for ways I can improve reconnecting people around me to the Sacramental life.

What am I doing right?
What am I doing that isn't fruitful?
Where am I wasting time?
How do I keep Christ front and center in casual interactions?
Who (and how) should I work on this year within my close circle of family and friends?
What way is the wind blowing in Christendom and how do I want to use the blog?

I'm feeling a bit like evangelists in Christendom are perplexed about how to use their treasure and talents. We went through a period where catechesis was terrible or non-existent and the people we love were being misled. A lot of energy needed to be spent exposing and stopping that spiritual abuse. Significant progress was made, but then we got wrapped around the wheels of the pontificate of telling our children the people who taught them errors were correct and parents and faithful pastors are the enemies of Truth and Christ. It's deja vu all over again.

This week's fruit from the fifth interview with an atheist who doesn't have the spiritual maturity to reach through the confusing stream of consciousness to crack the code of what the Holy Father likely meant to say, was a Rubicon for me.

No way the pope believes 'there's no such place as hell and immortality of souls'.

You know what this is like? It's like Alcoholics Anonymous deciding it's half passed time to ditch people who are practice sobriety to teach others and instead use people who like getting stinking drunk to craft the message of how to use alcohol. When active alcoholics start to teach getting wasted is not an obstacle to sobriety, instead of admitting their new marketing idea is a bust, AA tries to redeem themselves by attacking families who tell them their loved one who joined AA to get help is now abandoning sobriety.

Since we are now five years into this crucible that sows confusion, covering every incident leaves little time for volunteer evangelists to use their treasure and talents writing things to help people heal and reconnect to the Sacramental life.

I've been thinking a lot about the blog. Synthesizing the constant asshattery is inconsistent with the apostolic mission I live and breathe, every day, every hour of my life. We have to find a way to plug away at communicating the magnificence and beauty of the Deposit of Faith. People with bigger apostolates have a staff that can cover both, but as a more time-challenged blogger, I'm feeling the Holy Father is putting more bricks on our backs, in our family and as evangelists and we need a little less whining and a little more talking about how to mitigate the damage.

I've personally experienced the sour fruit of his trajectory in my family, circle of friends, in the uncatechized and scandalized. I'm going crazy with the pontificate of dali lama proverbs. It's important to keep talking about the damage of using heretics and atheists to translate the faith. But, I believe his feeble attempts are crack at the mission explained by St. John Paul II in Redemptoris Missio.

The Acts of the Apostles records six summaries of the "missionary discourses" which were addressed to the Jews during the Church's infancy (cf. Acts 2:22-39; 3:12-26; 4:9-12; 5:29-32; 10:34-43; 13:16-41). These model speeches, delivered by Peter and by Paul, proclaim Jesus and invite those listening to "be converted," that is, to accept Jesus in faith and to let themselves be transformed in him by the Spirit.

Paul and Barnabas are impelled by the Spirit to go to the Gentiles (cf. Acts 13:46-48), a development not without certain tensions and problems. How are these converted Gentiles to live their faith in Jesus? Are they bound by the traditions of Judaism and the law of circumcision? At the first Council, which gathers the members of the different churches together with the apostles in Jerusalem, a decision is taken which is acknowledged as coming from the Spirit: it is not necessary for a Gentile to submit to the Jewish Law in order to become a Christian (cf. Acts 15:5-11, 28). From now on the Church opens her doors and becomes the house which all may enter, and in which all can feel at home, while keeping their own culture and traditions, provided that these are not contrary to the Gospel.
(This is where I believe the message is going haywire)

The missionaries continued along this path, taking into account people's hopes and expectations, their anguish and sufferings, as well as their culture, in order to proclaim to them salvation in Christ. The speeches in Lystra and Athens (cf. Acts 14:15-17; 17:22-31) are acknowledged as models for the evangelization of the Gentiles. In these speeches Paul enters into "dialogue" with the cultural and religious values of different peoples. To the Lycaonians, who practiced a cosmic religion, he speaks of religious experiences related to the cosmos. With the Greeks he discusses philosophy and quotes their own poets (cf. Acts 17:18, 26-28). The God whom Paul wishes to reveal is already present in their lives; indeed, this God has created them and mysteriously guides nations and history. But if they are to recognize the true God, they must abandon the false gods which they themselves have made and open themselves to the One whom God has sent to remedy their ignorance and satisfy the longings of their hearts. These are speeches which offer an example of the inculturation of the Gospel....

The liberation and salvation brought by the kingdom of God come to the human person both in his physical and spiritual dimensions. Two gestures are characteristic of Jesus' mission: healing and forgiving. Jesus' many healings clearly show his great compassion in the face of human distress, but they also signify that in the kingdom there will no longer be sickness or suffering, and that his mission, from the very beginning, is meant to free people from these evils. In Jesus' eyes, healings are also a sign of spiritual salvation, namely liberation from sin. By performing acts of healing, he invites people to faith, conversion and the desire for forgiveness (cf. Lk 5:24). Once there is faith, healing is an encouragement to go further: it leads to salvation (cf. Lk 18:42-43). The acts of liberation from demonic possession-the supreme evil and symbol of sin and rebellion against God-are signs that indeed "the kingdom of God has come upon you" (Mt 12:28).

15. The kingdom aims at transforming human relationships; it grows gradually as people slowly learn to love, forgive and serve one another. Jesus sums up the whole Law, focusing it on the commandment of love (cf. Mt 22:34-40; Lk 10:25-28). Before leaving his disciples, he gives them a "new commandment": "Love one another; even as I have loved you" (Jn 13:34; cf. 15:12). Jesus' love for the world finds its highest expression in the gift of his life for mankind (cf. Jn 15:13), which manifests the love which the Father has for the world (cf. Jn 3:16). The kingdom's nature, therefore, is one of communion among all human beings-with one another and with God.

The kingdom is the concern of everyone: individuals, society, and the world. Working for the kingdom means acknowledging and promoting God's activity, which is present in human history and transforms it. Building the kingdom means working for liberation from evil in all its forms. In a word, the kingdom of God is the manifestation and the realization of God's plan of salvation in all its fullness...

"All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,...and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age"...

In this regard, certain guidelines remain basic. Properly applied, inculturation must be guided by two principles: "compatibility with the gospel and communion with the universal Church."94 Bishops, as guardians of the "deposit of faith," will take care to ensure fidelity and, in particular, to provide discernment,95 for which a deeply balanced approach is required. In fact there is a risk of passing uncritically from a form of alienation from culture to an overestimation of culture. Since culture is a human creation and is therefore marked by sin, it too needs to be "healed, ennobled and perfected."

This kind of process needs to take place gradually, in such a way that it really is an expression of the community's Christian experience.

IMHO, all his mother earth talk and the things he's articulated about the divorce and remarried and alienated Catholics over teachings on divorce and faithful use of the great gift of human sexuality are coming from this basic apostolic mission - which in itself is consistent with Church teaching.

At the end of the day - no matter what's going wrong - maybe even especially because things are going wrong - we have to talk about them and ways to keep correcting misunderstandings and errors, teaching truth and connecting anyone and everyone who crosses our path to the Sacramental Life.

"Holy Spirit, Creator, mercifully assist Thy Catholic Church and by Thy heavenly power, strength and establish her against the assaults of all her enemies; and by Thy love and grace, renew the spirit of Thy servants whom Thou has anointed, that in Thee they may glorify the Father and His only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen."

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Holy Saturday

Yesterday, local news carried the story of a missing young marine recruit whose body was found in the woods along a major Massachusetts highway. Unbelievably, his E7 marine recruiter is a suspect. The young man had difficulty reaching running/sit ups/push up requirements for military service and his recruiter told him if he moved in with him, he'd help him reach the goals. Anyone familiar with the military would be suspicious the recruiter was up to no good. Recruiters are forbidden to have any communication with a recruit outside of procedure and process.

NCIS swarmed all over the recruiting office shortly after Joey went missing. The recruiter was taken into custody on several unrelated charges - a DUI, a separate altercation with other marines and another incident threatening a Dominos delivery guy with his gun because he didn't get hot sauce with his order. My gut instincts tell me its just a matter of time before they nail him on murder charges.

Please keep this family in your prayers. It's hard to imagine that a person in a position that you instinctively trust could be capable of debauchery, but this is the world we live in. Overcoming family turmoil in the aftermath of death of a loved one, especially a death like this, takes heroic strength.

Another military mother reached out to a Facebook military moms group for prayer this morning. Her 27 year old son died in his sleep last night. She lost her husband and another son years ago. So much suffering in this world.

Many is the Holy Saturday we've all drawn strength from the Mother of God and the Apostles in the death of a loved one. Holy Saturday is the period of being stunned and paralyzed by the loss and changes to your life. Sadness and paralysis, and in some circumstances anger, wait patiently nearby for their opportunity to completely destroy you and everyone around you. If you let it, it can rob you of love, your life and vocation, relationships, the Sacraments.

In her perfection, the Blessed Mother knew and knows how to handle it all. She is the go-to person in the death of a loved one, or any loss for that matter. Especially in circumstances when the confusion and pain distances you from God. She will comfort you in your own pain, keep you close to her Son and His Sacraments and help you to move forward.

If you are feeling the ache of grief great words of wisdom can be found in this post.

My tears are mingled with my drink, for you have lifted me up only to cast me down, and I am as withered as grass. But you O Lord, abide forever. You will arise and have mercy on Sion, for it is time to pity her.

O God, in your passion, the prophecy of Simeon was fulfilled that a sword of sorrow should pierce the sweet soul of your glorious virgin-mother Mary. We reverently recall her sufferings and sorrow; mercifully grant us the fruits of the redemption that was paid for by your own sufferings, through the merits and prayers of all the saints watching beside the cross; who lives and rules with God the Father.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

The cock crows twice on Maundy Thursday:

Scalfari claims the Pope told him that there is no hell, condemned souls simply vanish.

"They are not punished, those who repent obtain the forgiveness of God and enter the rank of souls who contemplate him, but those who do not repent and cannot therefore be forgiven disappear. There is no hell, there is the disappearance of sinful souls."

Denying the existence of Hell and the immortality of a soul.

Brace yourself. It hasn't hit midnight here in the US, so there's still time for the third whopper.

Journalists are reporting 'the Vatican' denies the Holy Father renounced Church teaching, but if you ask me, their statement seems mamby-pamby:

In a statement released on Mar. 29, after Scalfari's report garnered worldwide attention, the Vatican said:

"The Holy Father Francis recently received the founder of the newspaper La Repubblica in a private meeting on the occasion of Easter, without however giving him any interviews. What is reported by the author in today’s article [in La Repubblica] is the result of his reconstruction, in which the textual words pronounced by the Pope are not quoted. No quotation of the aforementioned article must therefore be considered as a faithful transcription of the words of the Holy Father."

This is worthless.

What inquiring minds want to know is, what DID the pope say?

It does seem far-fetched. But, if Scalfari is the devil's useful idiot, why does the pope keep giving him ammunition?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

I hope they don't ask him about Ouija Boards

Pope Francis gives his blessing to tattoos.

Asked about tattoos and other expressions of modern culture by a seminarian from Ukraine, the pope said that the problem is that some people exaggerate by covering their body with tattoos, but “the problem is the exaggeration, not the tattoos.”

Don’t be afraid of tattoos,” the pope responded, noting that for many years Eritrean Christians and others have gotten tattoos of the cross on their foreheads.

“Of course, there can be exaggerations,” the pope said, remarking that people who get too many tattoos cannot give blood because of a “danger of blood poisoning.”

A tattoo “is a sign of belonging,” Francis said, and offers an opportunity to strike up a conversation with young people about what matters to them “and then you can enter into the culture of the young.”

“But do not panic,” he said. “With young people you should never be frightened, never! Because always, even behind the not-so-good things, there is something that will get us to some truth.”

I'm pretty sure he wasn't giving his blessing to tattoos, but I think his point would have been better made if he said something like 'the tattoo is a symptom of a bigger problem, so when you see them, use your pastoral gifts to open conversation with the ultimate goal of healing the wound with Sacraments.'

I hope they don't ask him about Ouija boards!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Monsignor Vigano Resigns

And that’s the way we roll.

I wish I had the confidence to say a valuable lesson was learned, but I think we can all look forward to the next set of publicity stunts to explain how betsy and lies and liars are consistent with the Magisterium.

UPDATE: As Fr. Z and others report, the deceiver was shuffled.

Of course!